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It took us nearly 4 years to find the perfect first home. Yes, four. We had a list as long as Kieran's beard and a few location changes but we knew that the right place was out there waiting for us. And we were right!

This site is an extension of our Instagram. A place to home our ideas, share our tips 'n' tricks and any other bits along the way. 

Thanks for popping bye! 

Harriet & Kieran 


Warning: If you're not into the bright and the bold (or a touch of sarcasm*) then look away now!

*If the blog title wasn't enough of a clue 



Go on, have a nose



According to my bestest mates, I'm creative, thoughtful, fun, sassy, unique, caring and fashionable. Well, that's all of the nice things they said...

By day, I'm a Junior Creative Copywriter. It basically means that I get to spend my 9-5 combining two bloody fab things; writing + fashion. 

This brings me to my next point. I.love.clothes. Trend influenced but creatively led. Popular culture being the Chief in command, especially when it comes to music. Disco, 2000s indie and British rock are always on my playlist. Gimme an authentic band tee, a sequin jacket and some leather trousers and I'll be your friend forever.



This is Kieran. He's a sneakerhead first, a master chef second and a builder-decorator third. He's the brains behind everything that goes on here. 

Kieran's got a bloody good sense of style, always has done which goes hand-in-hand with his fine-tuned taste in music. There's nothing he doesn't know about UK hip-hop, rap, jungle, garage...

And finally, let's revisit the cooking point from earlier. Kieran's tastebuds are out of this world. Whether it's whipping together a loaf of bread before work, taking a humble dip to the next level or cooking up an absolute feast on a Sunday, it's safe to say the kitchen is Kieran's playground. Apart from when it comes to desserts. I'll take that one.