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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

I've always always had a love for vintage, retro or just simply second-hand pieces. I'm not saying my wardrobe is full of garments that smell like an attic by no stretch of your imagination. But there's something alluring about those one-of-a-kind pieces, don't you think?

Back to the point. We've furnished the living room! I know. SHOCK! If you've been following our sofa saga on IG then you'll know that this has been a long time coming and it's (mostly) all pre-loved.

Here's where we're at:

- Curtains are up. Thank you, H&M. Finding curtains that didn't cost the earth, had a 3m drop and billowed poetically in the wind was harder than it sounds. We didn't want to block the light out and we've no need to create privacy so the aim of the game was to simply soften the room.

- We've replaced one second-hand dining table with another. A bigger one. A much bigger one. Thank you FB Marketplace. We've replaced the small painted table with this beast. It's SO heavy with the sheet-glass legs and feels really bloody luxurious for a bargain of a price.

- A sofa has a new home. Not only do we have the comfiest couch, not only is it the perfect yellow, not only does it have beautiful chrome details but we've also made two friends from the sale (hey, guys!) Their house is just stunning. S-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.

- And then there's the little stack of tables. Thank you for a third time, FB Marketplace. A collection of three perspex tables to tie in with the glass pieces in the room. Most have soft curves over hard corners which was really important for us. Of course there are going to be a few sharp lines but organic shapes was something I was/am really keen to keep.

So. There we go. Just need to source some fun dining chairs, a bit more art, a biiig mirror, mood lighting...and then tear it all up again for the kitchen reno!


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