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Green Washing the Living Room

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

So, here we are. It’s a beautiful bright sunny day and we’re sitting in our newly-painted living room. In actual real life. Have we really just completed the first room in the house?

Don't get us wrong, there’s furniture to find and we need to add lots of fabrics to soften it up, but it’s all starting to come together nicely. Only 22 days until the flea markets open but whilst we wait, here’s a look back at where we started and how it’s all going...


Eugh, the mess! We almost (almost) forgot how dirty this room was. Walls rich with nicotine and covered in a thick layer of dirt, dust and cobwebs did not make for an easy clean-up operation.

When we had finally scrubbed the walls as clean as we could — it took a lot of sugar soap, let me tell you — it was time to get the floor down. Most people will panic and sweat at the idea of doing the floor first. It goes against every interiors rule book after all. But rules are meant to be broken and anyway, we had to do the floor before anything else due to the nature of spray paint.

We asked a good friend, and v. talented graffiti artist, if he would create this one-of-a-kind art installation for our home. It meant so much to have a friend do this for us! We picked the colours and asked for a marshmallow, lava lamp, organic vibe to the shapes and let him get to work.

Ok so here’s a little secret. We originally went for peaches and ink but when the colours arrived they were a lot bluer and pinker than planned. Oh, crap. Obviously during lockdown #3 we couldn’t go to the shop to try any of the colours out! Chucking the vision aside, we liked the colours so went for it and never looked back.

We lived with white walls for a few months, but it never felt like the room was fully dressed. We'd always subconsciously liked green in this room judging but the number of plants and (un-decorated) Christmas tree photos that seemed to fill our phones.

Out came the colour cards and the rest is history. Off to Brewers we went, quickly signed up to get a lovely 20% off and picked up some tins of Pea Green by Little Greene. It's environmentally friendly, made in Britain and partnered with National Trust — what's not to love?

Pea Green 91

Now, we know this sounds silly but we need another colour to break up the room. Most of you who follow us on Instagram will know exactly what we have in mind… watch this space!

Hope you like the new walls as much as we do!

Harriet & Kieran

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